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Principal's Corner

Get organized for school success

In order for your child to succeed in school, he needs to get and stay organized. Without being organized, your child may lose materials, forget what he’s supposed to do, or even forget to turn in his homework! Encourage your child to:

  • Create a “day at a glance.” Help your child make a schedule of his classes and activities in school. Have him tape it to the inside cover of his binder. If he has science on Tuesday, he’ll know to pack his science book that day.
  • Maintain an assignment log. In a special notebook or calendar, have your child write down the subject, details and due date for each assignment.
  • Make daily to-do lists. After school, your child should write down everything he has to do before bedtime, including assignments and chores. Encourage him to check off each task as he completes it.
  • Use a different color for each subject. For example, your child can use a blue notebook for English and cover his social studies textbook in green paper. This way, he will be able to find what he needs at school quickly.
  • Set up a special place where he will put information for you. If your child has a designated place to put a permission slip or a flier about the upcoming book fair, it’s much more likely that you will see it—rather than having to search through his backpack.