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Speech Team

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Speach Team


Manteno Middle School Speech Team is for students with an interest in acting and public speaking.  There is one contest in the fall.  All contestants earn a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd rating. 

Students may enter with a partner, small group, or compete on their own.

The categories are monologue, poetry, duet, improv duet, trio, small group, and team improv.  Most events are 5-8 minutes long.

Monologue and poetry are performed individually.

Duet is a skit memorized by two people.

Improv duet is made up on the spot. Students are given three prompts. The first and last are humorous. The middle is a serious prompt. 

Trio is memorized by three people.

Small group is memorized by four to six people.

Team improv is made up on the spot by four to six people. Students are given three improvisation games to play. Each game has its own rules. Different prompts are given for each game and students make up their skit based on those prompts. This event started in 2013 and is already a crowd favorite.

Students attend one practice per week with their group and a full team meeting every other week. These meetings are for individual feedback. Practice at home is necessary for success.